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Week 1: Feb 1 – Introduction of the course, faculty (Joe Ugoretz and Chris Stein)

  • Icebreakers–round-robin intro/bios
  • Dreams, Visions, Nightmares discussion
  • Review of syllabus/requirements
    • Week-by-week breakdown
    • Blow Our Minds
    • Regular Blog Posting (final project increments, etc.)
    • Final Project
  • Discussing use of online tools (Academic Commons)
  • Blog posting
  • Weekly commenting
  • Signing up as class motivators
  • Wiki

Week 2: Feb. 8 – Contexts and Practicalities

In this class we will explore ways of thinking through and analyzing a project before it begins and look into issues that can arise depending on the way in which the project realized.


Thinking about the What, Where, When, Why and How before you begin a project.

The four little B’s (build, buy, borrow, beg). Which one is the right fit for your software project?

When starting any software project this often the first consideration. Do you build it your self, buy it off the shelf, use free and open source software (borrow) or use some of the free web services out there (beg)?

This post, is a reading in itself and provides links to other readings for the week. There are a lot of links and you won’t need to read through and analyze every article thoroughly. They are there to help give context, support and detail to the arguments made in the post.

Week 3: Feb. 15 – Online Learning and Teaching

Introductory project ideas in blog post.


  • Some of you may have already stumbled upon it, but this post (and its comments) on cac.o.phony is an interesting breakdown of the pros/cons/challenges of online learning. You’ll note that Joe is one of the commenters. (please make sure to read all of the comments as that is where the good conversation takes place)

Related background readings (things to look at if you’re so inclined; also resources for future use)

  • “Modest Changes, Revolutionary Possibilities: Distance Learning and the Future of Education,” Gary Natriello, Teachers College Record Volume 107 Number 8, 2005, pp. 1885-1904 [1]
  • “What Makes the Difference? A Practical Analysis of Research on the Effectiveness of Distance Education,” Yong Zhao, Jing Lei, Bo Yan, Chun Lai & Sophia Tan, Teachers College Record Volume 107 Number 8, 2005, pp. 1836-1884 [2]
  • Educating the Net Generation (2005), Diane and James Oblinger (eds.) [3] (especially “The Student’s Perspective” [4] and “The New Academy” [5]
  • Theory and Practice of Online Learning (2004), Anderson & Elloumi (eds.) [6]; Chap.2 [7], Chap. 5 [8], and Chap. 14 [9]
  • Innovative Technology for Collaborative Learning and Knowledge Building (ITCOLE) project D 2.1 “A review of the state-of-the-art of pedagogical models of CSCL,” Edited by Minna Lakkala, Marjaana Rahikainen, and Kai Hakkarainen – ITCOLE Project [10]

Motivator: Chad Cygan

Week 4: Feb. 22–Kitchen Sink Utilities

Decided to put this in a post, for neatness and RSS and SEO sake.

Motivator: Erin Garrow

Week 5: March 1 – Student Created Content

training in the tools, or no training and focusing on the idea—bring in student projects. (Joe will be out)

Motivator: Jack Powers

Week 6: Mar. 8 – Online Expression and Reflection:

Eportfolio (project update post due)

Motivator: Caroline Erb

Week 7: Mar. 15 – Mid-semester project conversation

Blow our minds

Week 8: Mar. 22 – Images and Open Educational Resources (future of the textbook)

Guest: Beth Harris (

Motivator: Jared Simard

Week 9: Mar. 29 – Gaming and Learning

Guest—in the classroom—practicalities—Joe Bisz/Carlos Hernandez/Frank Crocco

Motivator: Noah Heller

Week 10: Apr. 5 – Gadgetry and Pedagogy

(Hardware—cllickers flipcams, phones, laptops in the classroom—or preventing laptops in the classroom? etc.)- Project update due

Motivator: Laurel Harris

Week 11: Apr. 12  – The Future of the Internet (Web 2.0/3.0/++)

(student expectations) (digital natives/digital immigrants/we hate the concept)(keeping up—overconnection—the dark sides—cyberbullying and cyberethics)

Motivator: Amanda Licastro

Week 12: Apr. 19 – BREAK

Week 13: Apr. 26 – BREAK

(post final project final update)

Week 14: May 3 –Social Pedagogies

Surprise “authentic learning” virtual labs/STEM more generally.

Motivator: Belinda Amoako

Week 15: May 10 – OPEN SESSION (or presentations if necessary)

Week 16: May 17 – Presentations!!!!

Week 17: May 24 – Presentations!!!!

4 Responses

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  1. Amanda Licastro says

    Belinda, our Core I was a closed site, not public, but I imagine it would be useful to many people in Core II to have access to the blog (both the syllabus and our comments). Perhaps we can ask our instructors and Steven Brier to facilitate this transaction?

  2. Belinda Amoako says


    I hope all is well with everyone. Can someone please post or email the syllabus from Core I, Fall 10?

    Thanks and have a great night.


  3. Joseph Ugoretz says

    We need to get all you guys in the system as editors of this site–then you can just edit the page to add your name!

  4. Jared Simard says

    Hi Everyone,

    Not sure how to write my name next to the weekly schedule, so I would like to be the motivator for Week 8 “Images and Open Educational Resources”.

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