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Ugoretz and Pelz Queries

Please forgive the late listing of this, our first, Motivation. I had hoped to put this up later last week, because I was singing all day Sunday and Monday. With the readings from this week I only have a handful of questions regarding each:


1. From the ‘Two Roads Diverged’ article I found the discussion of time interesting. Per the author we are shown that creating discussions online and thus digression can allow for a larger discussion without consuming the ‘class time’ in a classroom. Longer discussion can be maintained and deeper conversations can occur outside the constraints of a classroom ‘booking’. In providing assignments and documents (perhaps via hypertext) how would you approach timing as to when you provide digital materials? Would you post all readings ahead of time in the syllabus page on the first day, add them to a list week by week as they were assigned or utilize some sort of hybrid? Why?

2. How do each of you feel about the multiple directions asynchronous discussions can take? Do you agree/disagree with the statements by Ugoretz about adult learners and busy professionals being frustrated by this? If you disagree do you think there are other groups who could also struggle, at least intiially, with this type of discussion? How could you help them?

3. Can asynchronous discussions promote learning strategies for multiple styles of learners? If so, how would you design this type of discussion to cover as many learning styles as possible?


1. In Pelz’s discussion of his principles of effective pedagogy he emphasizes the difference between teaching and instructional design. In teaching online courses what do you believe would be an appropriate ratio of the instructor’s time-usage between teaching/design?

2. What do you see as an intended balance between the types of discussion responses: social presence, cognitive presence and teaching presence? Why? Which of these types of these responses is most comfortable for you?

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