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IPA Update

My project concept is evolving rather slowly. While gathering the content I can access I have been experimenting with other platforms for my wiki. WordPress still seems ideal, however I am beginning to realize I need a more complex php writing tool.

Enter DreamWeaver.

Michael Mandiberg helped me out with some ideas from sketchpad to insert images into my style sheets (IPA symbols). Since I just got paid for a big gig I can afford it and should have all of my symbols inputted by spring break.

As far as the Skype-style interactivity I am still wildly grasping for suggestions. Any thoughts?

More frightening is how to get copyright clearance for the poems. That is my current fun…

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  1. Chad Cygan says

    Thanks a ton for the information both here in your reply and in person after class. After further study I found that I will indeed have to create my own font because there are several characters I use each day when transliterating that cannot be found in any font family.

    I went here:
    For every possible avenue of my project I found it very helpful; and not only in how to create my own font, but also in how to input characters through Photoshop if they don’t exist.

    I checked out the open source software they recommended:

    It was a little bit intense, but it really helps me to do what I need to do. According to both the tinyMCE and Font Forge sites these are all easily compatible with all major browsers. That being said, I would love any additional feedback about how to integrate this type with a WordPress plugin. Should my path go either through tinyMCE directly or is the more worthwhile route to go directly through the WordPress plugin developers page?

    After rolling through the threads (on tinyMCE) regarding IPA (generally for use with other languages, instead of singing) I have also gathered that a standardized font with a ton of IPA characters would help beyond my goals. Yet, is this biting off more than I can chew? After all, I am a musician.

  2. Christopher Stein says

    Chad, I need to ask you some more questions about your workflow here. I don’t think that you need to enter the IPA symbols by hand. They are already part of fonts and there are some open source fonts that you can use here:

    and a list of HTML entities for the IPA fonts here

    now that web fonts with @font-face (I can explain what that means) are used by most browsers I think the whole thing shouldn’t be too hard. But I could be wrong so we should talk.

    I can explain more about these in class or later.

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