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Hands On Session Ideas

Post in the comments on software, tasks, web sites or whatever you want to do next class.

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  1. Christopher Stein says

    It looks like the general consensus is to show and talk about setting up a class web site. Also there is some interest in professional audio and video software like pro tools and final cut pro.

    I think the professional software is a bit much to actually get hand-on in class but we can spend a bit of time talking about them and when you might want to use them instead of less sophisticated software. Also Chad, let me know what kind of equipment you want to bring in. I know something about audio equipment and may be able to do a quick demo for you.

    What I’m going to do, sometime today definitely by class, is to set up a WordPress multiuser installation I have on a personal site so that you all can access it and we can look at setting it up, adding themes and plugins and so forth.

    As to Amanda’s point about other alternatives, Omeka, Grouply etc. maybe we can talk about those without getting fully in-depth?

  2. Amanda Licastro says

    I would really like to discuss the pros/cons of different blogging platforms in terms of using them to build course sites – ie: Omeka, WordPress, Grouply, Wikis, etc. I would also like to know the best programing languages to learn for work in dh and educational technology- ie: Ruby, PHP, JavaScript, etc. Perhaps one day in the future we can also discuss data mining and TEI encoding?

  3. Caroline Erb-Medina says

    I’m going to second pro tools and elements of design for course websites.

  4. Joost Burgers says

    I’d like to say that NOT going over prezi would be great. I would also like to amplify Erin’s idea. Going over basic online course setup would be awesome and useful.
    Final Cut Pro is interesting, but as it’s Mac based software it is not really useful for people who use PCs, i.e. me.

  5. Chad Cygan says

    Even though I can’t be there this coming week, if anyone has questions on audio processing software I can put together a little tutorial and post it here. The stuff I feel comfortable lending my limited knowledge about are:

    Pro Tools
    Garage Band

    Plus, if you want to mess with some of that gear and software (just ask me) I can drop my inteface by earlier (I have class before that until 6p) so you can use it during class.

  6. Erin Garrow says

    One thought is that we might be teaching online (or hybrid) courses in the coming years.

  7. Erin Garrow says

    Going through the motions of building a basic website for an online course (what software is good, how do we use it, what are the drawbacks, what should we consider in design that’s distinct from a standard course website) would also be good. Joe or Chris, if you were agreeable to offering up an old syllabus that we could use as a foundation, that’d be great. Alternatively, we could each bring in a syllabus and attempt to make of it an online-course-website during the course of our class. Were we to have time at the end of the class, we could add functionality according to people’s interests.

  8. Caroline Erb-Medina says

    I’m going to be crazy and ask, any chance we can cover Final Cut Pro? I realize most people will not have it on their laptops though, but I thought I’d throw that out there.

    A lot of the kitchen sink utilities are self explanatory, so I’d appreciate something a bit more advanced that I can’t do on my own at home.

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