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The Pedagogy of Blogging

After our wonderful hands-on session last week in which we each started building course blogs, I wanted to follow up with this simple and succinct vimeo that explains the “pedagogy of blogging.” In this video, Christopher Long, a philosophy professor at the University of Pennsylvania, uses prezi to lay out his theory behind blogging in the classroom – and his points reflect both sound principles of a humanities education (echoing Dewey, Bloom, etc) and his experience with students at faculty at his university.  While most of what Long says has already been discussed in our ITP course this term, I find this presentation a good way to summarize and organize my notes on the subject.



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  1. Lupe "Make Money" Estrada says

    Excellent detailed explanation on the power of blogging and its syndication.The “common course” blogging method is without a doubt is the most powerful in attracting multiple points of views to a particular blog and interaction within its contributors.

  2. Amanda Licastro says

    As a follow up, check out this article in Inside Higher Ed that weighs the pros and cons of using blogs in higher ed :

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