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GoDaddy and Elephants

Hi all,

This is completely random, but I figure I’d put it out there, since some of us are looking for cheap web hosting. It’s an article about the founder of GoDaddy’s Elephant hunting trip. I found the following line to be the most revolting: “The footage, shot March 8, shows him hunting an elephant on a farm and posing with a shotgun beside its corpse.” I’ll pay a bit more for people who don’t shoot defenseless elephants for sport.





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  1. Belinda Amoako says

    I appreciate your post Joost. I read a rather enlightening book from Joel Spring’s class sometime ago and thought of a quote from the book and Edward Morin’s blinding paradigm when reading the article on elephant hunting. From The Hungry Tide by Amitav Ghosh:

    “At no moment can human beings have any doubt of the terrain’s hostility to their presence, of its cunning and resourcefulness, of its determination to destroy or expel them. Every year, dozens of people perish in the embrace of that dense foliage, killed by tiger, snakes and crocodiles” (p.7)

    I am conflicted when it comes to animal rights and human rights.

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