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What is “authentic” about authentic learning?

Hi All,

Welcome back from what I hope was a relaxing break.

The focus of next week’s class as we are all aware is Social Pedagogies, more specifically “authentic learning”.  I came upon a good article by Herrington and Oliver (2000), which I hope will guide/inform our discussions.  I want to initiate with the following question:

  1. What is “authentic learning” and what is authentic about it?

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2 Responses

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  1. Belinda Amoako says

    Sounds great! My hope in unpacking the term is to bring to light the purpose/effectiveness of this pedagogical design and its relation to the CCSS.

  2. Joseph Ugoretz says

    Great initiating question, Belinda! I think that is a term we can certainly untangle.

    “Social Pedagogies” is one you might not find so easily–since we haven’t really published that material yet. You’ll be seeing a preview version. So don’t worry about that–start with the “authentic” question, and then I’ll explain and we’ll talk about social pedagogies.

    And I’d like it if maybe we can touch a bit on the purpose/effectiveness of these kinds of frameworks/definitions overall.

    See you all next week!

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